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Lung Shan Temple

It used to be known as "Country Guarding Temple" during Xianfeng period in Qing Dynasty. The main body of the temple retains the old appearance after the reconstruction during Dao-guang Xianfeng period in Qing Dynasty. The well-established temple is large in scale and with complete pattern and fine craftsmanship, ranking one of the most valuable heritages of traditional architecture in Taiwan.


Mazu Temple

 built in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty with more than 400 years of history and known as the only temple in Taiwan that worships Mazu from the Original Mazu Temple in Meizhou. It is designated as national-level heritage with valuable historical and artistic value.


Martial Temple

The temple is located in Qingyun Road and composed of three main parts: Wen Kai Academy on the left, Wenchang Shrine in the middle and Martial Temple on the right. Wenchang Shrine is built to mainly worship Wenchang Wang along with his servent.


Lukang's City God Temple has roots in Fujian's Quanzhou and was probably built in the mid-18th century. Paying your respects here is believed to be effective in helping to solve problems, in particular theft. The temple is traditionally favoured by merchants and shop owners.


New Ancient Temple

t underwent two major renovations during the Jiaqing and Daoguang periods, but was destroyed by artillery fire during the Japanese occupation, resulting in damaged walls, leaning beams and pillars, and peeling paint.

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